CSCI100 Intro to Computers

Updated 2018-12-12

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Final Test:

8:00 class: Monday, December 10, 2018, 8:00 to 9:50.      
9:00 class: Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 8:00 to 9:50.
All students are expected to take the final at the time scheduled for their class. Make travel plans accordingly.


·         Immediately save the following to your desktop: Word file, PowerPoint file



Earlier classes are below…












Wednesday, 12/05/2018

Final "Homework" assignment:

Click on the links below and complete all three questionnaires. This is an assignment. It is due at 5 p.m. Thursday, December 6. If you answer all questionnaires, you will get 100 on the final assignment. If not, you will get a 0. Please consider answering the long questions on the BrightSpace questionnaire.

·         Word Post Questionnaire.

·         Excel Post Questionnaire.

·         Evaluation: On BrightSpace. It looks like this

Practice tests

·         Word: Instructions. File. Solution. Video solution: part 1, part 2.

·         PowerPoint: Instructionsstarting documentsolution filevideo solution

Day #28. PowerPoint 3. Monday, 12/03/2018

·         Interesting tech: PowerPoint errors

·         A PowerPoint alternative: Prezi example. Prezi web site

·         PowerPoint alternative:

·         PowerPoint Resources

Homework due Wednesday, 12/05/2018

·         Vikings Football. Instructions. Begin with this file. Here is the video. Result should look like this.

Day #27. PowerPoint 2. Wednesday, 11/28/2018.

·         Interesting tech: SpaceX

·         PowerPoint Resources.

Homework due next class:

·         Orientation. Instructions. Unformatted file. Your result should look like this.

Day #26. PowerPoint 1. Monday, 11/26/2018

·         Interesting tech: Project x-ray

·         Help in Office 2016

·         PowerPoint Resources

Homework due:

·         Christmas Happenings. Instructions. Begin with this template. Result should look like this.

Day #25. Word 8. Monday, 11/19/2018. Mail Merge

·         Interesting tech: Computers in medicine

·         Mail Merge: Word 2016 resources

Homework due Monday, 11/26/2018:

·         Mail Merge. Create your Word document from scratch. Instructions. Spreadsheet data file. The first page of your result should look like this. Put BOTH Word files in the drop box at the same time. Hand in TWO files: (1) the template file (should be 1 page long) and (2) the merged letters file (should be 12 pages long).

Day #24. Word 7. Wednesday, 11/07/2018

·         Word 2016 resources

Homework due next class:

·         Instructions. Use this file. Your result should look like this.

Test #2 will be Wednesday, 10/17/2018, over XL parts 7-12.

Day #23. Word 6. Monday, 11/12/2018: Newsletter skills

·         Interesting tech: A cool "printer"

·         Sample file

·         Word 2016 resources

Homework due next class:

·         Linux Newsletter. Instructions. Create from this file. Your result should look like this.

Day #22. Wednesday, 11/07/2018. Word 5: Pics, text boxes, WordArt, etc.

·         Interesting tech: A PC that fits in your pocket

·         Interesting tech: Apple patent application

·         Word 2016 resources

·         Alignment: File. Pic.

·         Picture tools: Desert (remove sky), overexposed (fix exposure), underexposed (fix exposure)

Homework due next class:

·         A BCU Christmas. Instructions. Create from scratch. Your result should look like this.

Day #21. Monday, 11/05/2018. Word 4: Tables

·         Interesting tech: Sophia

·         Word 2016 resources.

·         Sample file

Homework due Wednesday:

·         Tabs and tables. Instructions. File. Your result should look like this.

Day #20. Wednesday, 10/31/2018. 🎃 Word 3. Positioning text with tabs

·         Interesting tech: Biometrics

·         Word 2016 resources.

·         Interesting tech: OneNote

·         OneNote notebook

Homework due Monday:

·         None.

Day #19. Monday, 10/29/2018. Word 2. Skills for writing a term paper

·         Interesting tech: Skype translator in the classroom

·         Word 2016 resources.

·         Today's files: Lincoln (find/replace), Red-Headed League (find/replace), Christmas Carol.

Homework due Wednesday:

·         Instructions. Unformatted file. Your document should look like this.

Day #18. Wednesday, 10/24/2018. Word 1. Short documents

·         Check your grade. Password to see Excel test #2: anwyccdfy

·         Interesting tech: Cell phone screens.

·         Word 2016 resources.

·         Today's sample file.

Homework due Monday:

·         Welcome. Instructions. Unformatted File. Your result should look like this.

Monday, 10/22/2018. NO CLASS. The etching assignment is still due Monday.

Day #17. Wednesday, 10/17/2018. XL Test #2

·         Excel test, part 2. File. Immediately save to your desktop with your name added to the end of the file name. Put cell phones on silent and out of sight. Check with Tom before leaving to make sure you put the right file in the drop box.

Day #16. Monday, 10/15/2018. Programming!

·         How to acquire a superpower

·         Tutorial 1: Ice etching.

·         If you finish Tutorial 1, you can try Tutorial 2: Flappy Bird.

Assignment due 10/22/2018:

·         On the last step (step #20) of the Code with Anna and Elsa (Tutorial 1 above), create an image that meets the following requirements. Each is 20%.

1.    There must be 3 snowflakes,

2.    Each snowflake must be a different color. Don't use random colors; set your own color.

3.    All snowflakes must be completely visible on the screen.

4.    They must not overlap.

5.    There must not be a line connecting the snowflakes (use the Jump command to move from snowflake to snowflake so there is not a line on the screen connecting the snowflakes)

·         Take a screen shot (press the PrtScr key). This will copy it to the clipboard. Open a Word document. Paste your image from the clipboard into your Word document. Save and submit the Word document in the drop box.

Day #15. Wednesday, 10/10/2018. XL 12: Financial functions

·         Compound Interest

·         Average annual stock market return

·         Excel Resources.

·         Financial functions template

·         Interesting spreadsheet

Homework due Monday, 10/15/2018:

·         Financial functions. Use the Financial functions template

Review for Excel test:

·         Practice test

·         Practice test solution (Excel file)

·         Practice test solution part 1, part 2 (videos)

Day #14. Monday, 10/08/2018. XL 11. Dates and Times

·         Interesting tech: Microsoft's vision of the future

·         Excel Resources.

·         Cool applications of Excel's date functions: Birthday, Calendar

Homework due:

·         Dates and Times: Employee instructions. Employee spreadsheet.

Day #13. Wednesday, 10/03/2018. XL 10. Databases: Advanced Filters and "D" Functions

·         Protect yourself: Quad9

·         Interesting tech: Fake video

·         Excel Resources.

Homework due

·         Advanced Filters, "D" functions: Real Estate spreadsheet (instructions are included in the spreadsheet).

Day #12. Monday, 10/02/2018. XL 9. VLOOKUP, another way to make decisions

·         Interesting tech: Augmented Reality (Pepsi)

·         Excel Resources.

Homework due Wednesday:

·         VLOOKUP: Instructions. Data file.

Day #11. Wednesday, 9/26/2018. XL 8: 3D Workbooks

·         Test scores.

·         Check your grade.

·         Interesting tech: Raspberry Pi 3.

·         Excel Resources.

Homework due Monday, 10/01/2018:

·         3D Workbooks: Southern Region Sales. Instructions. Excel File.

Day #10. Monday, 9/24/2018. Excel Test 1

·         Test

Day #09. Wednesday, 9/19/2018. XL 7. Databases: Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts

·         First test will be next Monday, 9/24/2018

·         Interesting tech: Amazon Go (video). Amazon Go opens Chicago store 9/17/2018 (news story).

·         Excel Resources.

Homework due Wednesday, 9/26/2018:

·         Pivot tables. Iowa Football. Instructions are in the Excel File.

Review for test:

·         Practice test. Spreadsheet solution. Video solution: part 1, part 2.

Day #08. Monday, 9/17/2018. XL 6. Logical Functions

·         Test is Monday, 9/24/2018.

·         Interesting tech: Ambulance drones

·         Excel Resources.

·         Sample File.

Homework due Wednesday:

·         Logical functions: Instructions. Data file.

Day #07. Wednesday, 9/12/2018. XL 5. Charts

·         Mark your calendar: First test will be Monday, 9/24, over Excel 1-6.

·         Interesting chart: 200 countries, 200 years

·         Excel Resources.

·         Sample file.

Homework due Monday:

·         Charts. Create your charts from scratch. (Fall, 2018)

Day #06. Monday, 9/10/2018. XL 4. Databases: Sorting and Filtering

·         Interesting tech: Project Linda

·         Check grades.

·         Excel Resources.

·         Sample file: Advising.txt

Homework due Wednesday:

·         Sorting and filtering: 2017 Population data. Directions are in the workbook. (Fall, 2018)

Day #05. XL 3. Formulas with Absolute/Mixed Cell References

·         Interesting tech: New phone?

·         Check grades.

·         Excel Resources.

·         Sample file. Budget, addition table, loan payment table.

Homework due:

·         Ford price list. Instructions. Data file. Solution should look like this. (Fall, 2018)

Day #04. XL 2. Formulas, Functions, and Relative Cell References

·         Interesting tech: Seeing AI

·         Help in Office 2016

·         Excel Resources

·         Sample file.

Homework due:

·         Baseball stats. Instructions. Data file. Result should look like this. (Fall, 2018)

Day #03. Monday, 8/27/2018. XL 1. Formatting

·         Keyboard shortcuts quiz.

·         Interesting tech: a "knowledge engine": Wolfram Alpha

·         Useful Chrome add-on: Reader View

·         Survey results

·         Excel Resources

·         Sample file

Homework due:

·         Auto sales. Instructions. Data file. Your result should look like this. (Fall, 2018)

Day #02. Wednesday, 8/22/2018. Windows, the Internet

·         Quiz over Windows keyboard shortcuts

·         Interesting tech: What happens on the Internet in one minute

·         Windows: Windows 10

·         Using the Internet: Internet Resources

Homework due next class at class time:

·         (1) Web scavenger hunt (fall 2018). Hand in a hard copy.

·         (2) World's easiest homework assignment: Add your pic to your email: Go to web email, click on the picture placeholder next to your name (it has your initials in it). Click on the camera next to your picture. When the Change Your Photo dialog box opens, click on the Upload a new photo link and upload a recognizable picture of yourself (not an avatar or some celebrity or a shot of you on the football field). Must be a portrait. Send me an email when you are done so I can see your picture.

Day #01. Monday, 8/20/2018. Windows, the Internet

·         Interesting tech: the future of football?

·         Syllabus

·         BCU IT Competency: Requirement, Objectives

·         Getting Office: Office 365 University is now free. Go to It comes with a terabyte of storage on OneDrive.

·         Skills needed in the workplace, 2015-2020

·         How secure is your password? Check it. Don’t use these: Worst passwords.

·         Useful software: LastPass password manager. Others: DashLane

·         Using the Briar Cliff Network

·         BCU Email: Using Briar Cliff Email from the web, Emailing guidelines, file naming conventions, on your iPhone, on your Android phone

·         Can you multitask? (no)

Homework due at NOON Tuesday:

·         FREE homework assignment: Fill out online before the deadline time on . This is an assignment: Computer experience survey, Word Processing skills survey, Spreadsheet skills survey. There is nothing to hand in. I will look at your survey online. They are due tomorrow so I can summarize them before class on Wednesday.

Homework due at class time:

·         Class policies for assignments and tests (print a hard copy, READ, sign, and bring to next class).

·         Memorize Windows keyboard shortcuts (nothing to hand in) in preparation for a quiz next class. The quiz will begin promptly at the class starting time.

Interesting stuff:

·         Dorm tech 1, Dorm tech 2

Final Test



















·         Interesting tech: Where is the "cloud"?


Bell ringers








Augmented reality




Language translation




Useful software


Word file. PowerPoint file.