CSCI100: Intro to Computers

Updated 2020-11-30

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Block D schedule





Nov 16

Excel 1, Security

Nov 17

Excel 2, Windows, Internet

Nov 18

Excel 3

Nov 19

Excel 4

Thanksgiving week. No assignments

My ZOOM link. Zoom hours: 8-10 a.m. Monday through Thursday from November 30 – December 18

Nov 30

Excel 5

Dec 1

Excel 6

Dec 2

Excel 7

Dec 3

Excel 8

Dec 7

Excel 9

Dec 8

Excel 10

Dec 9

Excel 11

Dec 10

Excel 12

Dec 14

Word 1, 2

Dec 15

Word 3, 4

Dec 16

Word 6,7

Dec 17

PowerPoint 1 & PowerPoint 2

Final "Homework" assignment due by noon on Friday, May 1:

Click on the links below and complete all three questionnaires. This is an assignment. If you answer all questionnaires, you will get 100 on the final assignment. If not, you will get a 0. Please consider answering the long questions on the Bright Space questionnaire.



In class


Interesting tech

Day #1. Monday, 11/16/2020

XL 1: Formatting

·     Syllabus

·     Excel Resources (links to web pages, videos)

·     Using Help in Office 2019

·     Samples file

·     Excel Videos

·      Data Entry and Editing

·      Formatting Fonts 

·      Formatting Alignment

·      Formatting Numbers

·      File/Print/Layout Commands

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·     Office Sales. Instructions. Data file. Your result should look like this.


Class intro, computer security

·        BCU Email: Using Briar Cliff Email from the web, Emailing guidelines, email on your iPhone, email on your Android phone

·        Drop boxes

·        BCU IT Competency: Requirement, Objectives

·        Getting Office: Office 365 University is now free. Go to It comes with a terabyte of storage on OneDrive.

·        OneDrive

·        Skills needed in the workplace, 2015-2020

·        How secure is your password? Check it. Don’t use these: Worst passwords.

·        Can you multitask? (no)

·        Windows keyboard shortcuts

Homework due at 6:00 p.m. tonight:

·        FREE homework assignment: This is an  assignment: Computer experience survey, Word Processing skills survey, Spreadsheet skills survey. You must do all three surveys. There is nothing to hand in. I will look at your survey online.

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        Class policies for assignments and tests (print a hard copy, READ, sign, and bring to next class).

·Memorize Windows keyboard shortcuts (nothing to hand in) in preparation for a quiz next class. The quiz will begin promptly at the class starting time tomorrow.


8  Interesting tech: the future of football?

8  Interesting tech: a "knowledge engine": Wolfram Alpha, examples

8  Useful software: LastPass password manager. For Android. For iPhone.


Day #2. Tuesday, 11/17/2020

XL 2: Formulas, Functions, and Relative Cell References

·     Survey results

·     Excel Resources

·     Samples file

·     Excel Videos

·         Autofill 

·         Toolbar functions 

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·     Football. Instructions. Data file. Result should look like this.


Windows, the Internet

·        Quiz over Windows keyboard shortcuts

·        Set up OneDrive

·        Security: Can you tell if you are being phished? Phishing quiz.

·        Security: Protect yourself: Quad9

·        Using the Briar Cliff Network

·        Windows: Windows 10

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        Another free homework assignment: Add your pic to your Briar Cliff email: Go to web email, click on the picture placeholder on the far right (if you don't currently have a picture there, it will have your initials in it). From the drop-down menu, click on your initials (or current photo). When the Change Your Photo dialog box opens, click on the Upload a new photo link and upload a recognizable portrait of yourself (not an avatar or some celebrity or a shot of you on the football field). I am looking for a portrait like this (the head/face fills the circle—with such a small area, you need to zoom in on the face to be recognizable), not like this. Somebody should be able to recognize you by looking at the picture. There is no drop box for this, so send me an email when you are done before class time so I can see your picture.


8  Interesting TV tech from CES: LG Rollable TV, LG waterfall, Samsung 219" TV

8  Useful software: LastPass on iPhone

8  Interesting tech: What happens on the Internet in one minute


Day #3. Wednesday, 11/18/2020

XL 3. Absolute/Mixed Cell References

·     Excel Resources

·     Samples file.

·     Excel videos:

·         Absolute cell references 

·         Mixed cell references

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        Payroll. Instructions. Data file. Your file should look like this.


8  Interesting tech: Dell's foldable laptop prototype from CES2020

8  Interesting tech: Project Linda

8  Useful software: Reader View add-on for Chrome

8  Interesting tech: Galaxy Fold

8  Interesting tech: Skype translator in the classroom

8  Useful software: Audacity: powerful audio editor


Day #4, Thursday, 11/19/2020


XL 4. Databases: Sorting and Filtering

·     Excel Resources

·     Sample file: Advising.txt

·     Excel videos:

·         Creating a table

·         Single-key sort 

·         Multiple-key sort 

·         Filtering on text fields 

·         Filtering on numeric fields 

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·      Nebraska football. Directions are in the workbook.




Thanksgiving Week. No school.

Day #5. Monday, 11/30/2020

XL 5. Charts

·     Contact Tom from 8:00 to 10:00 via Zoom

·     Samples file used in the videos. Go to the 5.1 Football worksheet.

·     Excel videos:

·         Bad examples 

·         Good examples 

·         Creating a column chart 

·         Formatting a chart 

·         Creating a line chart 

·         Creating a pie chart 

·         XY charts 

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        Charts. Create your charts from scratch.


8  Interesting tech: 200 countries, 200 years

8  Interesting tech: Biometrics

8  Useful software: Pixlr: Online photo editor

8  Interesting tech: Ambulance drones

8  Interesting tech: A cool "printer"

8  Interesting tech: Apple patent application

8  Useful software: Office Lens


Day #6. Tuesday, 12/01/2020


XL 6. Logical Functions

·     Contact Tom from 8:00 to 10:00 via Zoom

·     Samples file used in the videos. Go to the 6.1 Logical Tests worksheet.

·     Excel videos:

·         Logical Tests 

·         IF, part 1  IF, part 2

·         AND 

·         OR 

·         IFS

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·     Logical functions: Buying stock. Instructions. Data file.



Day #7. Wednesday, 12/02/2020


XL 7. Databases: Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts

·     Contact Tom from 8:00 to 10:00 via Zoom

·     Samples file used in the videos. Go to the 7.1 Coffee Co worksheet.

·     Excel videos:

·         Lists 

·         Tables 

·         Sorting 

·         Field Settings 

·         Grouping by Intervals

·         Charts

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        Pivot tables. Patient Data. Instructions are in the Excel File.



8  Interesting tech: Computers in medicine

8  Interesting tech: Monitor innovations

8  Useful software: OneNote

8  Interesting tech: Project x-ray

8  Interesting tech: Amazon Go (video). Amazon Go opens Chicago store 9/17/2018 (news story).

8  Useful software: powerful photo editor


Day #8. Thursday, 12/03/2020


XL 8. 3D Workbooks

·     Contact Tom from 8:00 to 10:00 via Zoom

·     Samples file used in the videos. Go to the 8.1 Bos worksheet.

·     Excel videos

·         Formatting 3D workbooks 

·         3D Formulas 

·         Footers

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·        3D Workbooks: Jewelry. Instructions. Excel File.



Day #9. Monday, 12/07/2020

XL 9. VLOOKUP, another way to make decisions

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

Word Test

XL Test #1


Homework for tomorrow:


Word 7. Pics, text boxes, WordArt, etc.

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:


Homework due at 8:00 a.m. WEDNESDAY:

Take a screen shot (press the PrtScr key). This will copy it to the clipboard. Open a Word document. Paste your image from the clipboard into your Word document. Save and submit the Word document in the drop box.



Day #10. Tuesday, 12/08/2020

XL 10. Databases: Advanced Filters and "D" Functions

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:




Day #11. Wednesday, 12/09/2020

XL 11. Dates

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

·      Dates and Times: Employee instructions. Employee spreadsheet.

PowerPoint practice test

Excel practice test

Word/Excel: Mail Merge



Day #12. Thursday, 12/10/2020

XL 12. Financial functions

·      Interesting spreadsheet

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

Interesting links:

Excel practice test

XL Test #2

PowerPoint Test

Download the test file. Save to your desktop. Put in the drop box when done. Check with Tom before leaving.


Day #13. Monday, 12/14/2020


Word 1. Short documents

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

Word 2. Skills for writing a term paper

·Today's sample files: Lincoln (find/replace), Red-Headed League (find/replace), Christmas Carol.  

·Word resources

·Creating a cover page

·Creating/Editing headers/footers

·Inserting page numbers & dates in headers/footers

·Citations and bibliographies

·Adding a Works Cited list

·Endnotes and Footnotes

·Citing electronic references

·Bulleted Lists

·Numbered Lists

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:




Day #14. Tuesday, 12/15/2020


Word 3-4. Positioning text with tabs & tables

·        Page breaks

·        Line breaks

·        Column breaks

·        Left tab stops

·        Right tab stops

·        Center tab stops

·        Decimal tab stops

·        Tabs and dot leaders

·        Creating a table

·        Formatting a table

·        Changing table structure

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:



Day #15. Wednesday, 12/16/2020


Word 5. Newsletter skills

·Page borders

·Drop caps

·Creating Columns

·Column breaks

·Inserting a table of contents

·Sections, part 1

·Sections, part 2

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

Word 6: Styles and themes

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:




Day #16. Thursday, 12/17/2020


PowerPoint 1.

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:

PowerPoint 2.

Homework due at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow:





Practice tests

Final Test


 classes are below…







Bell ringers


·          Bud logs in


Augmented reality

·          Interesting tech: Volvo and Hololens

·          Interesting tech: Getting started with Hololens

·          Interesting tech: Augmented Reality (IKEA)


·          Interesting tech: Amazon's robots

·          Interesting tech: Humanoid robots

·          Interesting tech: Robot swarm

·          Interesting tech: Androids


·          Interesting tech: Apple pencil

·          Interesting tech: Surface Pro

·          Interesting tech: Raspberry Pi Zero


·          Interesting tech: Space-X, May 2016. Space-X, May 2016 Day landing

·          Interesting tech: Space-X.

Language translation

·          Interesting tech: Star Trek: Universal translator

·          Interesting tech: Skype: Universal translator

·          Interesting tech: Black Friday.

·          Interesting tech: Star Trek is here!


·          Interesting tech: Flying with Oculus Rift

·          Interesting tech: Virtual Reality in medicine


·          Interesting tech: Singlecue

·          Interesting tech: 3D Printing

·          Interesting tech: Flexible LEDs

·          Interesting tech: 3D printer in action, 3D printer products

·          Computer Hardware

·          Computer myths from TV and the movies

·          Inexpensive smart phone

·          Johns Hopkins closes medical library

·          Pope Benedict vs. Pope Francis: Change in cell phone use in 8 years. Pic

·          Ten things everybody should know how to do in a word processor.

·          Top 5 soon-to-be-obsolete technologies

·          Interesting tech: Samsung batteries

·          Interesting tech: Transformer

Useful software

* Norton Eraser


·          LastPass: password manager. Also: DashLane




·          Office online, Office on your phone

·          Awesome Internet application: OneDrive

·          Other search engines: Ixquick, DuckDuckGo, Blekko

·          Free computer security. Don't pay for it.

·          PhotoStory

·          IrfanView

·          Libre Office

·          Lightworks (video editor)

·          Windows 10 User Interface, Windows 10 Edge browser