Computer Science Department Faculty

Updated 2010.03.02

Tom Kleen

Assistant Professor of Computer Science (1980)

Office: H-274
Office phone: 279-5411

*       B.S. Briar Cliff College 1974, Mathematics

*       M.S. University of Iowa 1980, Computer Science

Courses taught: Intro to Computers, Computer Programming I and II, Programming Language Concepts, Computer Organization, Database Management, Internet Programming, Independent Reading, Technology in Education.

Chuck Shaffer

Professor of Mathematics (1975)

Office: H-279
Office phone: 279-5414

*       B.S. S.D. School of Mines & Technology 1967, Mathematics

*       M.S. Montana State University 1969, Mathematics

*       Ph.D. Montana State University 1976, Mathematics

Courses taught: Intro to Computers

Anne Garreans

Assistant Professor of Business Administration (2002)

Office: H-184
Office phone: 279-1684


*       B.S. University of Iowa

*       M.B.A. University of South Dakota

Courses taught: Microcomputer Applications, Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis

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