Email Guidelines and File Naming Conventions

Updated 2017.01.22

Check your BCU email every day!

While most assignments will be distributed on our class web page, clarifications to assignments will probably be distributed via email. So check your BCU email every day.

Drop boxes

Almost all assignments will be handed in using drop boxes.

         All drop box assignments must be deposited in the drop box before it closes. Once the drop box is closed, you are out of luck.

         You may submit an assignment more than once. I will always use the last submitted assignment.

         It is your responsibility to make sure that the correct file gets in the drop box. It is a good idea to retrieve the file from the drop box after depositing it, just to make sure you handed in the correct one. If you mistakenly submit the wrong file, the wrong file is the one that your grade will be based on.

         Allow yourself plenty of time to deposit the file. I have seen students try to deposit a file at the last minute and the drop box has closed as they were trying to submit their file.

Subject line for questions

If you want a prompt response to questions about assignments, your subject line should follow these conventions:

         Use your BCU email account. I have no idea who is, and usually delete email messages from unrecognized accounts without opening them.

         The subject line should consist of the course number followed by the word "Question". If you follow this convention, I will be able to quickly identify a question and will be able to reply to it sooner. Some subject line examples:

CSCI100 Question Question over the current homework assignment for CSCI100

CSCI201 Question Question over the current homework assignment for CSCI201