Email at Briar Cliff

Updated 2017.08.20

You can access your email at Briar Cliff University by using a web browser. This means that not only can you get to your email from on campus, but from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet.

To open your email account

       Go to


You will be taken to this page:



       Enter your BCU email address in the sign-in box and tab or click out of the user name box.

       You will be taken to this page:


       Enter your password.

       Click on the "Sign In" button.


Video: Overview of Outlook 365 from U of Wisconsin.

Add your picture to your email:

       Click on the round picture placeholder next to your name (top right).

       Click on About me. The following will appear (but with a placeholder instead of a picture). Click on the camera.

       The following screen will appear (with a placeholder instead of a photo):

       Click on Upload a new photo.

       Select your photo and adjust the size and position.

       Click on the 3x3 grid in the top left corner.

       Click on Mail to return to your regular mail screen.

To create a new email message:

       Click on the New button in the top left corner:

       Enter the email address of the recipient in the "To:" field. If you are sending to somebody at Briar Cliff, you may simply type the person's first and last name (with a blank in between). If you are sending to somebody somewhere else, you must type in the person's complete email address (unless they are already in your contacts list).

       Enter an appropriate subject in the "Subject" field. Etiquette note: Always put a descriptive subject line in your email so the recipient knows right away what your message is about. Never send emails with the subject line blank.

       Enter your message.

       To Attach a file to an email message.

       Click on the Attach button:

       Select the desired files. They will probably be on OneDrive or on your computer.

       Find the file(s) you want to attach and click on Next.

       Click on either Attach as a OneDrive file, or Attach as a copy.

       When done with your message and with all attachments, click on the Send button below your message:

To open an email message:

       Click on the message.

After opening an email message, you can:


       Click on the Reply button (top right part of message window):


       Enter your message.

       Click on the Send button when done. It will be immediately below your message.


       Move the mouse over the email message that you want to delete (on the left side of the window) Click on the garbage can.



       Note that this does not completely remove the email message from your email space. It just moves it to the Recycle Bin. To completely remove the message, you must right-click on the Deleted Items folder and then click on the Delete All button on the pop-up menu:


       Click on the Close button on the browser tab (the "x").