Excel 2016: 3-Dimensional Workbooks

Updated 2017.03.31


Commands for worksheets

Here is a sample file.


To achieve this:

Do this:

Move to another worksheet


·       Click on the tab of the worksheet you want to move to

Move a worksheet

·       Drag its tab to the desired location.

Rename a worksheet

·       Double-click on the worksheet's tab.

·       Enter the new name.

Change the color of a tab

·       Right-click on the worksheet's tab.

·       Click on Tab Color.

·       Click on the desired color. Note that all of the colors have names. The selected color below is named Light Blue.


Insert a new worksheet:

·       Click on the plus sign on the right side of the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the worksheet.

Delete a worksheet

·       Right-click on the tab of the worksheet you want to delete.

·       From the popup menu, click on Delete.

Select multiple adjacent worksheets

·       Click on the leftmost tab of the worksheets that you want to select.

·       Hold down the <Shift> key and click on the rightmost tab. All of the sheets between the leftmost tab and the rightmost tab (including both) will be selected.

Select multiple non-adjacent worksheets

·       Click on the first tab.

·       Hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on remaining worksheet tabs, one at a time.

Refer to a cell in another worksheet

Give the sheet name, followed by an exclamation mark, followed by the cell reference:
Example: Sheet2!A1

Set up multiple worksheets for printing:

·       Select all worksheets that you want to print.

·       Then click on the File tab.

·       Click on Print.

·       Click on Page Setup (at the bottom) and make any desired changes

Hide a worksheet

·       Right-click on the worksheet tab.

·       From the popup menu, click on Hide.


Un-hide a worksheet

·       Click on the Home tab.

·       In the Cells group, click on the Format button.

·       Under Visibility, click on Hide & Unhide.

·       Click on Unhide Sheet.


·       Click on the sheet you want to unhide.

·       Click on the OK button.

Naming cells


·       Select the cells you want to name

·       Enter the desired name in the "Name" box – on the far left end of the formula bar. Note that you may not put spaces in cell names:


·       In the above example, the cursor is in cell B3. The name "Years" appears in the name box. Years is a synonym for B3 and may be used in formulas in its place.