Excel 2019/365: Examples of the RIGHT way to do charts

Updated 2019-08-08

This chart is an appropriate example of a line chart (time is on the horizontal axis). If you handed in a chart like this, you would probably receive full credit for it. It is a line chart and time units run along the x-axis. Everything about this example is correct.


This chart works as a column chart, but it could also be implemented as a line chart. Note that time (years) always goes across the bottom of the chart. Also note that both axes are clearly labeled, and the chart has an easy-to-understand title. Also note the commas in the number on the vertical axis to improve readability.


This works as a pie chart because it includes all of the Marlins' salaries – note the largest part of the chart ("All Others"). If the creator of this chart had not included all others, a pie chart would not have been appropriate.


Good example of a pie chart. It represents 100% of the religions in the United States (even though there are probably many different ones in the "Other" category). Each pie segment is labeled. The chart has a descriptive title.

This is a good example of a column chart. The only change I might make would be to make the text a little larger.