Excel: Charts

Updated 2015.09.11

Find your own real data online. Don't make up numbers. Also, do not go to a web site that demonstrates how to create charts and use their data. Then prepare the charts described below. Create each chart on its own worksheet. Create all charts in the same workbook. You can create new worksheets in a workbook by clicking on the plus sign to the right of the existing tabs.

Be sure to give the URL of the source of your data on the page with your data.

Be sure to submit all of your data and charts in a single workbook. Do not submit two workbooks. If you submit your charts in separate workbooks, you will be docked 10%.

Pie Chart

[15 pts] Create a pie chart. Pie charts are used to show parts of a whole. Pie charts are often used to display how a budget is allocated. For example, each segment of the pie represents a budget category, and the entire pie represents the entire budget. You must do the following. Points are in square brackets.

         Provide the complete URL of your data source on the data worksheet.

         The type of data must be appropriate for a pie chart.


Line Chart

[15 pts] Create a line chart. Line charts are used to show how something changes over a period of time, with the x-axis used to display the dates. An example of a line chart would be to display changes in population over a period of years. Your line chart must have at least 3 lines.

         Provide the complete URL of your data source on your data worksheet.

         The type of data must be appropriate for a line chart.


A good source of data is the United States Census Bureau. NOTE: You may NOT have to re-type the data that you get from a web page. You can copy it to the clipboard and paste it into Excel. But there is a catch: all of the data on a row appears in a single cell. To extract the data into multiple cells, you can click on the Data tab and then, in the Data Tools group, click on Text to Columns command. You may have to insert/delete some blanks in the data to make all of the numbers line up before doing this, though. Make your work look professional.