Excel Formatting

Open the Sales workbook. Then do the following. Checked on 8/23/18. All works.

1.Set the font for the entire worksheet to 9-point Verdana.

2.    Set the column width for columns A:F (A through F) to 12.00.

3.    Set the height of row 1 to 42.00.

4.    Set the height of row 2 to 35.00.

5.    Put your name in A1 and Merge and center it across columns A through F.

6.    Align your name so that it is centered vertically in the cell (Excel calls this middle align).

7.    Change the cell Style of your name to Title.

8.    Format cells B2:F2 with the cell Style called Heading 2.

9.    Turn on the Wrap Text feature for cells B2:F2.

10. Right-align the headings in B2:F2.

11. Set the fill color in B3:F8 Blue (Standard Colors row).

12. Set the font color of cells B3:F8 to White (the first Theme Color).

13. Display the numbers in cells B3:F8 with a comma style and 0 decimal places.

14. Display the numbers in cells B3:F8 in Italics.

15. Display the numbers in B3:F3 and B9:F9 (first and last rows of numbers) with the Accounting style and 0 decimal places.

16. Set the cell Style for cells B9:F9 to Total.

17. Right-align the text in column A.

18. Set the text in column A to the Cell Style called Heading 4.

19. Display a thick outside border around cells A1:F10.

20. Add your name to the right part of the header.

21. Set the page orientation to landscape.

22. In Print Preview, center the document horizontally on the page.

23. In Print Preview, center the document vertically on the page.

24. Make sure that the spreadsheet is in Normal View before saving.

25. Name your file Sales-FirstName-LastName.xlsx using your name.