Geographic Information Systems

Updated 2019-03-15

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Final test is Thursday, 5/9/2019 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. in HH112

Earlier classes are below…

Day #7. 3/15/2019. Chapter 5: Spatial Data

Homework due Friday, 3/22/2019

·         Create a map of gas usage by county in the United States.

·         Work through the tutorial for chapter 6.

·         What map do you want to create for your end-of-semester project?

Earlier classes are below…

Day #8. 3/22/2019. Chapter 6: Geoprocessing

Day #9. 3/29/2019. Chapter 7:

Day #10. 4/05/2019. Chapter 8:







Day #6. 3/01/2019. Chapter 4: File geodatabases.

Homework. Due Friday 3/15/2019

·         Create a map of educational attainment in Allegheny County, PA. Instructions.

·         Work through the tutorial for chapter 5, sections 5-1 through 5-7. Create the map described in Your Turn and put it in the Chapter 5 Tutorial drop box.

·         What map do you want to create for your end-of-semester project?

Day #5. 2/22/2019. ArcGIS Online maps

Homework. Due Friday 3/01/2019

·         Create a map of Washington, D.C. Instructions.

·         Work through the Chapter 4 tutorial and put the last map in the Chapter 4 Tutorial drop box.

·         What map do you want to create for your end-of-semester project?

Day #4. 2/15/2019. Chapter 3

·         Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 Homework. Due Friday 2/22/2019

·         Orange County young and old. Instructions. Zip your folder and submit it in the Map 03--Chapter 03--Orange County Young and Old drop box.

·         There is no tutorial to work through this week.

Day #3. Friday, 2/08/2019 Chapter 2

·         Chapter 2.

 Homework. Due Friday at 10:00 a.m.

·         Create the Veterans' unemployment status map. Create a folder called Map02 and put the geodatabase and the map in it. Zip your folder and put it in the Map02—Chapter02—Veterans Unemployment drop box. Make sure that you use relative paths!

·         Work through the Chapter 3 tutorial and put the last map in the Chapter 3 Tutorial drop box.

Day #2. 2/01/2019. Chapter 1.

·         Files for our textbook.

·         Chapter 1: introduction to ArcMap.

Chapter 1 Homework. Due Friday 2/8/2019 at 10:00 a.m.

·         Erin Street 911 calls. Put your map in the Map 01--Chapter 01--Map #2--Erin Street 911 calls drop box.

·         Work through the Chapter 2 tutorial. Feel free to use the playlist. Put the map from the last tutorial in the Chapter 2 Tutorial drop box.

Day #1. Maps

Which would you rather look at: Population by State, or Population by State? It's true.

Some interesting maps:

·         Where it started

·         Precipitation in the USA

·         Hurricanes, 1950-1980

·         Immigration over time

·         Netflix rentals by ZIP Code

·         Pop, soda, or coke?

·         Religions

·         Happiest states, 2014

·         Sin

Latitude and longitude

·         Latitude and longitude (video)

·         Finding latitude and longitude

·         iOS: to get DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) AND decimal degrees: Where am I at?

·         Android?


·         Map projections

·         The true size

·         Many different projections.

·         Datums. Your phone uses WGS 84

GPS fun: Geocaching

·         Geocaching part 1, part 2, part 3

·         Geocaching. Geocaching in Sioux City: Enter 51104


·         Maps for tutorials and data for homework are here: N:\All Courses\Kleen Courses\GIS.

End of Semester project

·         Begin thinking about an end of semester "project".

Chapter 1 Homework.

·         Watch all 4 episodes of The Geospatial Revolution. Open this Word document and answer the four questions about the videos and the other 7 questions.

1.       Part 1.

2.       Part 2.

3.       Part 3.

4.       Part 4.

·         Work through Chapter 1 in our textbook. You can watch the videos if you want to. Put the final map (1-9)in the Chapter 1 Tutorial drop box before class begins next Friday.


Earlier classes are below…















Links from seminar in Omaha, October, 2013.

Chapter 3 Homework. Due 10/08/2013

Chapter 6 Homework. Due 10/2/2013