CSCI-IS: Programming in C

Updated 2018.08.20

Fall 2018 Syllabus


          Tom Kleen, Heelan Hall 274, 279-5411,



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Programs will be graded for correctness. All assignments must be completed. Grading for this class will be A-F. If you complete all assignments correctly and on time, you will receive an A. If one program is late, you will receive a B. If two are late, you will receive a C. If 3 are late, you will receive a D. If more than 3 are late, you will fail. If you do not correctly complete all of the assignments, you will fail. Since you have to do all of the assignments anyway, you may as well do them on time. Do not wait until the last minute to begin your assignments.


You will be given approximately one assignment per week.


Program #1: Amortization table, due date: Friday, 9/19/2008

Program #2: Credit card interest, due date: Friday, 9/26/2008. To read from the keyboard, check this out.

Program #3: Drunk jailer, due date: Friday, 10/03/2008. To read from a file, check this out.

Program #4: Irrigation pivot, due date: Friday, 10/10/2008.

Program #5: Points on a line, due date: Friday, 10/17/2008.

Program #6: Caesar cipher, due date: Friday, 10/24/2008.

Optional Program #7: Lingo, due date: Friday, 10/31/2008. If you missed a due date for an earlier assignment, this can make up for it.


Course withdrawal

Withdrawal deadline before the institution of penalty grading is November 5. After the withdrawal deadline students may withdraw, but will receive a penalty grade of WP (withdrawal passing) or WF (withdrawal failing). Withdrawals are not permitted during finals week.

Title IX Educational Act

Info on the BCU Sexual Harassment policy.

Academic Honesty

(1) There is only one way to learn how to program, and that is by writing programs. For most people, programming is a time-consuming activity. Any student who is not prepared to put in the required time outside of class should consider dropping this class and taking a class which requires less of a commitment.

(2) Programming is an individual--not a group--activity. Unless you are told otherwise, you are expected to write your own programs from beginning to end. This does not mean that you may not ask another student for help. It does mean that you do not "work together" on assignments unless specifically told to do so. Any student found turning in a program which is not his (or hers) will be failed for the course.

(3) There is no such thing as "extra credit".

Disability Statement

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations should initially contact Student Support Services (Heelan Hall-057 or 712-279-1717) to discuss needs. Documentation of the disability is required.


The instructor retains the right to clarify and/or to emend the contents of the syllabus, provided that students are given reasonable and timely notice of such adjustments.

Course Schedule

We meet Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30-11:45. The time for the final test is on our home page.


I expect you to be here every day. See attendance, test, and homework policies. Print out and sign by next class.

Electronic devices

Turn off or silence all cell phones (and any other electronic devices) and put them out of sight before class begins.

Computer use during lectures

You may use your computer during a lecture for the purpose of taking notes. You may not use the computer to play games, surf the Internet, email, IM, etc. If you do, your computer may be unplugged.

On Campus Confidential Resources:   

Director of Counseling Services: Jeanette Tobin  (712) 279-5433

Director of Health Services:  Jo Morgan (712) 279-5436

Director of Campus Ministry:  Sr. Janet May (712) 279-5227

Reporting to University Officials / Title IX Resources:

Title IX Coordinator:  Louise Paskey (712) 279-5494

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:  Dave Arens (712) 279-1715

Deputy Title IX Coordinator:  Beau Sudtelgte (712) 279-1633

Security Department:  (712) 898-1888

The Sexual Violence and Harassment policy and additional off-campus resources can be found at:,-assault-and-title-ix-procedures/