CSCI-IS: Programming in C

Updated 2021.01.07

Spring, 2021 Syllabus


Tom Kleen, Heelan Hall 274, 279-5411,

Office Hours

Before 10:30, after 2:00. Note that I am usually in my office at 7:15 a.m. And I am always available via email.


You must be a junior CSCI major.



Course learning outcomes:

To become moderately fluent in C.


I expect you to:

(1) Be honest.

(2) Complete the assignments on time.

Evaluation methods

You will be evaluated on 10-12 homework assignments.


This is a class for computer science majors and we are learning very few new concepts (we are learning the syntax of the C programming language). Therefore, I expect all assignments to work and to be on time. Programs will be graded for correctness (I will not evaluate your program for style, and I will not make any corrections to your code—I will just run the program and see if it works with my data.) Grading for this class will be A-F. If you complete all assignments correctly and on time, you will receive an A. If one program is late, you will receive an A. After that, each late assignment will result in the drop of a letter grade. All assignments must be completed. Since you have to do all of the assignments anyway, you may as well do them correctly and on time. Do not wait until the last minute to begin your assignments. Everybody should get an A in this class.


You will be given approximately one assignment per week.

Course withdrawal

Withdrawal deadline before the institution of penalty grading is ????. After the withdrawal deadline students may withdraw, but will receive a penalty grade of WP (withdrawal passing) or WF (withdrawal failing).

Title IX Educational Act

Info on the BCU Sexual Harassment policy.

Academic Honesty

(1) There is only one way to learn how to program, and that is by writing programs. For most people, programming is a time-consuming activity. Any student who is not prepared to put in the required time outside of class should consider dropping this class and taking a class which requires less of a commitment.

(2) Programming is an individual--not a group--activity. Unless you are told otherwise, you are expected to write your own programs from beginning to end. This does not mean that you may not ask another student for help. It does mean that you do not "work together" on assignments unless specifically told to do so. Any student found turning in a program which is not his (or hers) will be failed for the course.

(3) There is no such thing as "extra credit".

Disability Statement

Persons with disabilities who need accommodations should initially contact Jeanene Sampson (Heelan Hall-108 or 712-279-5562) to discuss needs. Documentation of the disability is required. Notify me at least one day before each test so I can make alternate arrangements for you.

COVID-19 policies

Please remember to pay attention to all university policies related to COVID-19. They are designed for the protection of all of us at Briar Cliff and to help us have a safe and successful semester.

·         You are required to wear a mask and/or face shield in all public spaces on campus, including classrooms and labs.

·         Practice physical distancing.

·         Frequently wash your hands.

·         If you experience any symptoms do not come to class/campus, complete the confidential health information form, and contact your healthcare provider. The form and other information is available at the following link:


The instructor retains the right to clarify and/or to emend the contents of the syllabus, provided that students are given reasonable and timely notice of such adjustments.

Course Schedule

We meet Monday through Thursday from 10:30 to 11:20.

Cell phones & other electronic devices

Please keep cell phone usage out of the classroom. It is considered a nuisance in a business situation for private cell phone usage to interfere with the work environment; the same rule applies to the learning environment.

Cell phones should be turned off or set to silent upon entering the classroom. If there are medical or other reasons leave your phone turned on, let your instructor know at the beginning of class. Phones ringing during class are disruptive to the other students in the class and to the instructor.

Computer use during lectures

You may use your computer during a lecture for the purpose of taking notes. You may use your phone for purposes described by the instructor. You may not use the computer to play games, surf the Internet, email, IM, tweet, etc.