Word 2013/2016: Inserting Page Numbers in Headers and Footers

Updated 2013.06.06


Inserting page numbers

You must first be editing the header/footer.

·        To edit the header (or footer), double-click in the header (or footer).The Header & Footer Tools will appear with a Design tab (see below). To insert page numbers, from the Header & Footer group:

·        In the Header & Footer group, click on the Page Number button.

·        Select the desired location for your page numbers from the menu. If your cursor is already at the location where you want the page numbers to go, click on Current Position.

·        Then select the number style. Although there are other options, I usually select Plain Number. You can always reformat it later.


Inserting the total number of pages

To insert the total number of pages (e.g. for "Page 1 of 10"), position the cursor in the header/footer where you want the total number of pages to be located. Then:

·        In the Insert group, click on the Quick Parts button.

·        Click on the Field menu option.


·        In the Field dialog box:

·        Under Field Names, click on NumPages.

·        Under Format, click on the desired format.

·        Under Numeric format, click on the desired format. You will rarely use this option.

·        Click on the OK button.


Formatting the page number

To format the page number (e.g. to use Roman numerals, letters, etc. instead of the usual Arabic numerals):

·        In the Header & Footer Tools group on the Design tab, click on the Page Number button, then click on Format Page Numbers from the drop-down menu:


The following dialog box will appear, and you can change the Number format (drop-down box at the top) and the starting number (Continue from previous section or Start at at the bottom):