Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The following work in most Windows applications.

Cut, copy, paste

These work in all Windows applications. They're all side-by-side on the keyboard. "v" looks like a wedge (for inserting the text).

<Ctrl>+x      cut (x looks like a scissors)

<Ctrl>+c      copy

<Ctrl>+v      paste

Font style


<Ctrl>+b      bold

<Ctrl>+i       italic

<Ctrl>+u      underline

Document commands.

<Ctrl>+o      open a document

<Ctrl>+w      window close

<Ctrl>+p      print

<Ctrl>+s      save

<Ctrl>+n      new document



To select any text, hold the shift key down while applying any navigation keys.

Double-click  Select a word

Triple-click    Select a paragraph

<Ctrl>+a      Select all of document


<Ctrl>+z      undo (My best friend!)

<Ctrl>+y      redo

Find and Replace

<Ctrl>+f       find

<Ctrl>+h      Find and replace


Word Keyboard Shortcuts

The following shortcuts are specific to Word, and probably do not work in other applications.

Paragraph alignment.

They all use the first letter, except for center (<Ctrl>+c is spoken for: copy). Centered text has equal margins.

<Ctrl>+j            justify paragraph

<Ctrl>+l            left align paragraph

<Ctrl>+r            right-align paragraph

<Ctrl>+e           center-align paragraph

Line Spacing

<Ctrl>+1          Single-space

<Ctrl>+2          Double-space

<Ctrl>+5          1.5 space


The letter T looks like a hanging indent!

<Ctrl>+m          margin increase (left side only)

<Ctrl>+M (capital) Margin decrease

<Ctrl>+t            hanging indent

<Ctrl>+T (capital) Undo hanging indent


<Enter>             paragraph break

<Ctrl>+ <Enter>   page break

<Shift>+<Enter>  line break



<Ctrl>+ +          superscript

<Ctrl>+ =          subscript

<Ctrl>+<Shift>+<Space>       non-breaking space

<Ctrl>+<Shift>+ -         non-breaking hyphen

Font Size

"[" reminds me of "less than"
"]" reminds me of "greater than".

<Ctrl>+[            decrease font size 1 point

<Ctrl>+]            increase font size 1 point


<Home>           Beginning of line

<End>              End of line

<Ctrl>+Home    Top of document

<Ctrl>+End       Bottom of document

<Ctrl>+RightArrow        Next word

<Ctrl>+LeftArrow Previous word

<PgUp>            Previous screen

<PgDn>            Next screen

<Ctrl>+<PgUp> Previous page

<Ctrl>+<PgDn> Next page