Word 2013/2016: Page Borders

Updated 2013.06.06


·        To learn how to add page borders.

Page Borders

In addition to paragraph borders, Word allows you to create borders for an entire page. To add borders to a page (or pages):

·        Click on the Design tab.

·        In the Page Background group, click on the Page Borders button.



·        The Borders and Shading dialog box will appear with the Page Border tab selected.

·        You can now set the Style, Color, and Width of your border.

·        Or you can choose one of Word’s Art borders (below).

·        You also have some control over which pages are affected by this command. See the Apply to section below. Note that there is no option to apply the border to a single page, unless you want it on just the first page, or you have a one-page section.