Word 2013/2016: Text Boxes

Updated 2013.06.13


·        To learn how to add text boxes to a Word document.

Text boxes

A text box is like a Post-It note that you can "stick" anywhere on the page. To add a text box to a Word document:

·        Click on the Insert tab.

·        In the Text group, click on the Text Box button.

·        Most of the time you will want to draw your own text box on the screen. Click on Draw Text Box at the bottom of the menu.

·        The cursor will turn into cross-hairs. Draw you text box wherever you want it to appear


Sizing a text box

To size your text box:

·        First select it by clicking on it. The Drawing Tools—Format ribbon will appear.

·        Then in the Size group, change the height and width. You can type a value in the box, or you can click on the up/down arrows to increment/decrement by 1/10 of an inch.


Getting text to wrap tightly around your text box

To get text to wrap tightly around your text box, first select it by clicking on it. The Text Box Tools—Format ribbon will appear.

·        Then, in the Arrange group, click on the Text Wrapping down-arrow.

·        From the drop-down menu, click on Tight.

·       https://p3plcpnl0895.prod.phx3.secureserver.net:2078/public_html/Word/2013/TextBoxes_files/image003.jpg

Continuing text in another text box

A nice feature of text boxes is that you can begin an article in one text box and continue it in another text box automatically. This means if you go back to the first text box and insert text, the words at the bottom of the text box will be pushed into the second text box. And if you delete text from the first text box, the words at the top of the second text box will be pulled back into the first text box. Here is more information on linking text boxes.