Word 2016: Inserting a Chart

Updated 2017.11.05


       To learn how to insert a chart in a Word document.

Inserting a Chart

To insert a chart:

       Click on the Insert tab.

       In the Illustrations group, click on the Chart button.

       The Insert Chart dialog box will appear:


       Click on the general type of chart you want (on the left).

       Then click on the specific sub-type of chart you want (on the right). In this case, we have selected Line from the general chart types on the left, and we have selected Clustered Column.

       Click on the OK button.

       An Excel spreadsheet with dummy data will appear (Word uses Excel to create charts):


       Replace the existing data with your own. If you need to adjust the number of rows or columns, drag the lower right corner of the range (blue triangle).

       Each series represents a single colored line.

       Each category represents a title that will appear at the bottom. We have changed the values in the cells and moved the range (blue box) to only include our cells:


       Word will produce a chart for you that you can re-size: