Word 2016: Online Pictures (formerly called "ClipArt")

Updated 2017.11.05


·       To learn how to add Online Pictures to a Word document.

·       To learn how to format pictures.

Online Pictures

To insert an online picture:

·       Click on the Insert tab.

·       In the Illustrations group, click on the Online Pictures button.

·       The following dialog box will appear. Enter any keywords that will help you find your picture. Then press the Enter key.

·       Click on the desired picture. A check mark will appear next to it. Then click on the Insert button.


Wrapping text around the picture

To control how text wraps around your picture:

·       Click on the picture to select it. The Picture Tools | Format ribbon will appear.

·       In the Arrange group, click on the Wrap Text button.

·       Use the Text Wrapping options to see how text will wrap around your picture. Probably the best choice here is Tight. This gives you the flexibility to position the picture anywhere on the page (rather than being limited to left, center, or right). More info on the Picture Tools Format ribbon.