Word 2016: Creating an Index

Updated 2017.06.05


·         To learn how to create an index in a Word document.

Marking a word that you want to appear in the index

·         Select a word that you want to appear in the index.

·         Click on the References tab.

·         In the Index group (on the right), click on the Mark Entry button.


The following dialog box will appear (with the word you selected in the Main Entry box). If you just want this single occurrence of the word to be indexed, click on the Mark button at the bottom. If you want all occurrences of this word to be indexed, click on the Mark All button at the bottom.


Creating the index

·         After you have marked your words and are ready to create the index, position the cursor where you want the index to appear in your document (probably at the end of your document).

·         Then, click on the References tab.

·         Then, in the Index group, click on the Insert Index button.


·         The Index dialog box will appear (below).

·         Select any options you want, then click on the OK button. Word will insert your index.