Word 2016: Customizing

Updated 2017.06.05


Customizing Word

To get this result…


To show keyboard shortcuts for ribbon buttons.

Keyboard Shortcuts

·         Click on the File Tab.

·         Click on Options.

·         Click on Display.

·         In the Page display options group, turn on the Show document tooltips on hover check box.


Shorten the auto-backup time so you don't lose work when Word dies in the middle of a job


To change the time between auto-backups:

·         Click on the File tab.

·         Click on Options.

·         Click on Save.

·         In the Save documents group, change the Save AutoRecover information every to 1 minute instead of the default value of 10. Make sure the check box is checked.


To change formats when cutting and pasting


Usually when you paste text into a document, you want it to be the same as the surrounding text, not the same as the text where it came from.

·         Click on the File Tab.

·         Click on Options.

·         Click on Advanced.

·         In the Cut, copy and paste group, select the desired options:








To avoid using the same menu/toolbar commands over and over, you can create a macro.


Click on the Developer tab.

In the Code group, click on Record Macro.

Carry out the command, and then click on the Stop Recording button.


To find recently-used files quickly

Click on the File tab.

Click on Options.

Click on Advanced. Set the number of recent documents to be displayed to a high number.


To find any file quickly

Don't mess with the Windows XP search program (Windows Vista and Windows 7 are another story, however – they have a fast file search utility built-in). Instead, download either Google Desktop Search or Yahoo Desktop Search. These programs will give you instantaneous results.

To open a file created at work when you take it home (if you're using an older version of Word at home)

To save a file in a different format once:

Click on the File tab.

Click on Save As… and choose Word 97-2003 Document (or another option if you need yet an older format).


To reduce the time spent formatting a large document, use Styles


From the Home tab, in the Styles group, click on a style: