Word 2016: Finding Things

Updated 2017.06.06


·        Learn how to find specific elements in a large Word document.

Finding Things

In a short document, it's usually pretty to find things. However, it may be difficult to find some specific text in a large document simply by scrolling. There may also be times when you are looking not for a particular word or phrase, but for a specific element in your document (e.g. page number, section number, a particular style, etc.).

To find a specific element in a document:

·        Click on the Home tab.

·        In the Editing group, click on the Find button.

·        From the drop-down menu, click on Go To…


·        The Find and Replace dialog box will be displayed with the Go To tab selected.

·        In the Go to what list box, you can select the item you want to find.




If you use the Heading styles to organize your document, you can click on Heading in the Go to what list box and click on the Next button. Every time you click on the Next button, you will advance to the next heading in the document. In a long document, this can be very useful.