Word 2016: Navigation and Selection

Updated 2017.01.04


Navigation with the keyboard

To do this…

Press this key

Beginning of line


End of line


Beginning of document


End of document


Next word


Previous word


Previous screen


Next screen


Previous page


Next page


Selection with the keyboard

To select any text, hold the shift key down while applying any navigation keys (see above).

To select entire document (All):............. Ctrl+A

Selecting with the mouse!

It was almost impossible to select more than 1 screen worth of text by dragging the mouse before Word 2003. Microsoft slowed down the scrolling in Word 2003, so now it is possible to select large amounts of text with the mouse (at least some of the time, anyway J). However, it is still probably easier to select text by holding the shift key down while applying keyboard mouse-movement commands (like the arrow keys).

To do this…

Do this with the mouse

Select a word

Double-Click on the word

Select a paragraph

Triple-Click on the paragraph

To select entire document (All):

Triple-click in left margin (when cursor flips, like this: https://p3plcpnl0895.prod.phx3.secureserver.net:2078/public_html/Word/2013/NavigationAndSelection_files/image001.jpg)