Word 2019/365: Bulleted Lists

Updated 2019-08-12


       Learn how to create and edit bulleted lists in Word

This is a bulleted list:

       Item 1

       Item 2

       Item 3

So is this:

Creating a bulleted list from existing text

To convert text into a bulleted list:

       Select the text. Each paragraph will be converted into a single bullet item.

       Click on the Home tab.

         In the Paragraph group, click on the Bullets button:

Creating a bulleted list as you type

To create a bulleted list as you type, begin the first line of the list with an asterisk followed by a space. When you press the <Enter> key, Word will turn the asterisk into a bullet (using the default bullet format that you have selected) and indent the text. Subsequent lines will begin with a bullet until you enter an empty line. You can turn this feature on or off by doing the following:

       Click on the File tab.

       Click on Options. The Word Options dialog box will open.

       Click on Proofing. Then click on Autocorrect Options.

       The following dialog box will appear.

       Click on the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

       Go to the Apply as you type group.

       Turn the Automatic bulleted lists check box on or off.

Removing bullets

To remove existing bullets or numbers:

       Select the text that you want to remove bullets from.

       Click on the Home tab.

       In the Paragraph group, click on the Bullets button to turn bullets off.

Customizing a bulleted list

To customize a bulleted list (e.g. to change the shape of the bullets):

Select the list that you want to customize

       Click on the Home tab.

       In the Paragraph group, click on the down-arrow on the right side of the Bullets button. The following will appear:

       Then select a bullet from the Bullet Library group or click on the Define New Bullet option.

       If you click on Define New Bullet, the following dialog box will appear:

       From this dialog box, you can change the bullet symbol, picture, or font, as well as the alignment of the bullet.

       You have hundreds of choices for bullet characters. Click on the Symbol button or the Picture button or the Font button and select the desired bullet character/picture.