Word 2019/365: Checking Spelling and Grammar

Updated 2019-08-12


·       To learn how to check the spelling of words in a Word document

·       To learn how to check grammar in a Word document

·       To learn how to change the settings for checking spelling and grammar

Checking Spelling and Grammar at the same time

To check the spelling in a document:

·       Click on the Review tab.

·       In the Proofing group, click on the Spelling & Grammar button:

To change the settings for checking spelling and grammar

·       To change your spelling and grammar settings:

·       Click on the File tab.

·       At the bottom of the menu, click on the Options button:

·       The following dialog box will appear.

·       On the left side, click on the Proofing tab.

·       Change any settings that you want to change.

·       Spelling "errors" will be flagged with a red wavy underline, like this:

·       Grammar "errors" will be flagged with a green wavy underline, like this:

Things to know about spelling checkers and grammar checkers

·       The spelling checker really doesn't check your spelling. It just compares your words with a huge list of words that it knows are spelled correctly. This means that it is possible to have a correctly-spelled word that Word will still flag as a "misspelled" word—meaning only that it is not on Word's list of "correct" words. Unusual English words, some proper names, and foreign words will often be flagged as being misspelled when they are actually correct.

·       Sometimes the grammar checker finds grammatical errors, and sometimes it doesn't. It will also sometimes flag some of your text as a grammatical error, when it is actually correct. Grammar checkers are a long way from being perfect.

·       So when Word flags a spelling or grammar "error" be skeptical. If you are sure that your text is correct, ignore Word.