Word 2019/365: Drop Caps

Updated 2019-08-12


·         Learn how to do create and format a drop cap in a Word document.

Creating a Drop Cap


 drop cap is a character at the beginning of a paragraph that is larger than the rest, and/or in a box, and/or has its base dropped below the baseline of the rest of the text (like the "A" at the beginning of this paragraph).


To create a drop cap:

·         Click anywhere in the paragraph that you want to begin with a drop cap.

·         Click on the Insert tab.

·         Then in the Text group, click on the Drop Cap button.

·         Select the type of drop cap from the list.

Formatting a Drop Cap

From the Drop Cap drop-down menu, click on Drop Cap Options. The following dialog box will appear:

Select any other options you want and click on OK.