Word 2019/365: Creating a Header or Footer

Updated 2019-08-12


Creating a header (or footer)

Headers and footers are text that automatically appears at the top (headers) or bottom (footers) of every page. The most common use for headers and footers is to add page numbers to a document.

To create/edit a header (or footer):

·         Click on the Insert tab.

·         In the Header & Footer group, click on the Header (or Footer) button.

From the drop-down list, either choose one of the built-in headers, or click on the Edit Header button at the bottom of the list:

If you click on Edit Header (above), the Header & Footer Tools will appear:

Switching between the header and the footer

To switch from the header to the footer (and vice versa):

·         In the Header & Footer Tools,  go to the Navigation group and click on the Go to Header button or the Go to Footer button.


When done with your header (or footer), go to the Close group, and click on the Close Header and Footer button.