Word 2019/365: Numbered Lists

Updated 2019-08-12


·         To learn how to create and edit numbered lists in Word.

Numbered lists

This is a numbered list:

1.       Item 1

2.       Item 2

3.       Item 3

So is this:

A.      Item 1

B.      Item 2

C.      Item 3

Creating a numbered list from existing text

To convert text into a numbered list:

·         Select the text. Each paragraph will be converted into a single numbered item.

·         Click on the Home tab.

·         In the Paragraph group, click on the Numbering button on the ribbon:

You can create your own numbers at the beginning of lines without creating an official numbered list. However, the advantage of having Word create a numbered list is that you can insert items into and delete items from the list and Word will automatically re-number the list items for you.

Creating a numbered list as you type

To create a numbered list as you type, begin the first line of the list with a number followed by a period and a space. When you press the Enter key, Word will turn the line into a numbered list and indent the text. Subsequent lines will begin with a number until you enter an empty line.

Turning off automatic numbered lists as you type

You can turn this feature on or off by doing the following:

·         Click on the File tab.

·         Click on the Options button.

·         On the left side, click on Proofing. Then click on the Autocorrect Options button:

·         The following AutoCorrect dialog box will appear.

·         Click on the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

·         Go to the Apply as you type area.

·         Turn the Automatic numbered lists check box off.

Removing numbers

To remove existing bullets or numbers:

·         Select the text that you want to remove numbers from.

·         Click on the Home tab.

·         In the Paragraph group, click on the Numbering button to turn numbers off.

Customizing a numbered list

To customize a numbered list:

1.       Select the list that you want to customize.

2.       Click on the Home tab.

3.       In the Paragraph group, click on the down-arrow next to the Numbering button. The following will appear:

·         Then select an option from the Numbering Library or click on the Define New Number Format option. If you click on Define New Number Format, the following dialog box will appear:

·         From this dialog box, you can change the number style, font, number format, and alignment. Click on the OK button when done.