Word 2019/365: Picture Tools—The Picture Format Ribbon

Updated 2019-10-13


The Picture Tools Format Ribbon

Most of the tools for changing a picture in Word are on the Picture Format ribbon. To format a picture:

·        Click on the picture you wish to edit.

·        The Picture Format tab will appear.

·        Click on the Picture Format tab. The Picture Format ribbon will appear:

The buttons on the Picture Format ribbon allow you to do the following:



·        Make brightness/contrast corrections.

·        Make color changes and add tints.

·        Add artistic effects.

·        To compress the pictures (if you have resized them to a smaller size, Word will store the smaller-sized picture, and not the original). It will save space. This is useful if you are using Word to create web pages. This option will increase the download speed.

·        Change to a different picture.

·        Reset your picture to all of its original formatting.

Change the position of the picture on the page in relation to its surrounding text.




If multiple pictures overlap, move the selected picture to the top.

If multiple pictures overlap, move the selected picture to the bottom.

Allows you to set the way text wraps around the picture/object

Allows multiple pictures to be grouped together. When you move one, all will move.

Allows you to rotate the picture/object.

Allows you to crop the picture/object.


For more options, click on the dialog box launcher in lower right corner of the Picture Styles group. The Format Picture pane will appear:


And you can change any of the options listed in the pane shown above. Select the item and a list of formatting choices will appear below.