Open the file Infoworld100.docx. Save it with the name Infoworld100-xxx.doc where the "xxx" is your name. Then make the following changes. Your final document should look like this. This "assignment" is not graded.

·         [1] For the entire document, set the page orientation to portrait.

·         [1] For the entire document, set the left and right margins to .75" and the top and bottom margins to 1.0".

·         [1] For the entire document, change the font to 10 point Times New Roman.

·         [1] For the entire document, set the line spacing to single-spaced.

·         [1] For the entire document, set the alignment to fully justified.

·         [1] For the entire document, set the "spacing after" each paragraph to 6 points.

·         [1] Move the first 10 paragraphs (the names of the 10 companies) to the end of the document. Insert a blank line before the first company name if necessary. Delete any extra blank lines at the top of your document.

·         [1] Move what was the last paragraph ("They're the people…") to the top of the document immediately below the name of the article's author (this will make it the third "paragraph" in the document – the title and the author are the first two paragraphs).

·         [1] Make the "T" in the word "They" in the first full paragraph of the document (the paragraph after the title and author) a drop cap. Use the "dropped" style.

·         [1] Set the first line indentation to .5" for all subsequent paragraphs (after the drop-cap one) except for the 10 company names at the bottom of the document.

·         [1] Correct all spelling errors for the document. Note that all people’s names are spelled correctly.

·         [1] Add a cover page to the top of the document. Use the Sideline style.

·         [1] On the cover page, change the title text to The InfoWorld 100. Delete any unnecessary text on the cover page.

·         [1] On the cover page, add your name in the author area.

·         [1] Put the ™ (trademark) symbol after all occurrences of the word "Java". Note: you cannot type the trademark symbol into the Find/Replace box, but you can copy it to the clipboard and then paste it into the Find/Replace box.

·         [1] Make the last 10 paragraphs (the 10 companies) of the document into a numbered list.

·         [1] Make the last 10 paragraphs (the 10 companies) into a 10-row, 1-column table. Change the spacing between paragraphs of these 10 paragraphs to 0 points (after).

·         [1] Make the width of the table's single column approximately 2.6".

·         [1] Make the width of the table's border lines 3 points.

·         [1] Add a row to the top of the table and enter the text The InfoWorld 100

·         [1] Remove the number from the front of the top row, set the indentation markers back to the left edge of the table, and center the top row.

·         [1] Shade this top row a light shade of gray.

·         [1] Add a header to each page with your name in 8-point Times New Roman on the left side of the header.

·         [1] Add the page number on the right side of the header, also in 8-point Times New Roman.

·         [1] Go to the end of the document and insert a section break (type of section break: "next page").

·         [1] Set the page orientation of section 2 to landscape.

·         [1] Set the number of columns to 2.

·         Add the following text at the beginning of section 2. [1] Indent the left paragraph margin by .5 inches. [1] Insert a tab character between the name of the actor (the left name) and the role (the right name) and set a right tab stop at the 3.5" mark. [1] Add a dot leader to the tab stop. 

·         [1] Create a text box at the bottom of your document that is approximately 2" square. We'll resize it later.

·         [1] Insert a column break after the “Vera Miles…Hallie Stoddard” line.

·         [1] Take the picture of John Wayne below and insert it into the text box.

·         [1] Size the picture so that it is approximately 2" tall, and size the text box to fit snugly around the picture.

·         [1] Add a green border with a weight of 3 points around the text box.

·         [1] Add your first and last name below the John Wayne picture in WordArt.

·         [1] WordArt shapes have names. Use WordArt Style 8.

·         Save the document.